Too Much Energy!….What?


Just a quick blog whilst they are eating tea…

I’ve been signed up for agility classes starting tonight!    What the hell are agility classes?

Apparently my spates of tearing around the house and boucing off the sofa have not been looked kindly upon. Fortunately for her, Ellie is to young to go to “agility”. Something about not being able to jump too much when you’re young! Good job no one has seen her skydiving off the dining room table when they leave the room! ……so anyway, I will try and get on later to let you know how “agility” went and to continue where I left off on my last blog about Friday evenings antics. I’m going to lie in my bed and sulk (sometimes that gets me out of doing things I don’t like). Incidentaly, my bed is a big round furry thing covered in pictures of paw prints!!! How come humans don’t lounge around on large sofas covered in pictures of human feet!……just a thought

On my way to agility Jay!!!

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