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If You Change Your Mind…..I’m The Next In Line


In light of yesterdays post on the abomination that is the “Puppy Farm” or “Puppy Mill” trade, I have spent much of today looking into ways others can help or websites that offer alternatives to those looking to add a pet to their family. If yesterdays blog was enough to make you change your mind about buying a puppy or kitten from a “Puppy Farm”, unlicensed breeder or pet shop then hopefully your next step will be the abundant array of animal shelters and rescue centres. So many dogs and cats are in desperate need of a loving home and are in great danger of being euthanized as there is not enough space to shelter these poor animals indefinately. It is thought that approximately 21 dogs every day are put to sleep due to not being rehomed. That is a staggering 7665 every year in the UK alone, and this number does not include those puppy farms and unscrupulous breeders who kill their breeding machines once they are of no use or too old. Oprah stated on her latest aired show that the number in the USA is nearer to 40 dogs a day. Thats an unbelievable 22265 every year in the UK and USA alone that are put to sleep. And yet puppies continue to be such a sought after option.

Here are some links to animal shelters, rescue centres and great websites that will give the option of giving a pet a new home and helping to slowly reduce the horrific above number, even if it is only one at a time.

This is such a small portion of the available websites and shelters in the UK alone but it just takes a small search and a big heart to give a life and not take it away. It is time for humans to pave the way forward for animals that do not have a voice and are needlessly suffering at the hands of those who use cats and dogs as “cash cows”. It doesn’t matter whether you walk away from a puppy farm, report it, donate to a dog or cat charity, volunteer at a shelter, re-home a pet from a rescue centre or just post your view for others to see. Each person doing just one thing will change the world of pets forever.

Thank You – Jay


Puppy Farms – A Dogs View of Inhumanity


As a rescue dog I consider myself lucky every day to have a loving, caring family and a warm, happy house to call my home. Unfortunately there are literally millions of pets who cannot say the same. I watched a program with Mum about “Puppy Farms” and am still beyond horrified as to the conditions and lack or care that is considered acceptable to bestow on helpless dogs and cats. As “man’s best friend” I cannot see the logic or reasoning behind anyone who buys a pet from an inhumane breeder or location. I would be hopeful that it is widely known that many of these so called “Puppy & Kitten Farms” sell their animals on to breeders and through website and paper advertisements, but it is really no excuse for someone buying a puppy or kitten to ignore what must be so blatantly obvious. There are so many things that can be checked and see with first-hand experience, and of course there is always “If in doubt, do not buy”. I suppose it would be a common misconception that if you buy one of these suffering animals that you are actually helping them out, and on one level this is true. However, you are in reality, only making room for more puppies and kittens to be bred and sold and are actually endorsing the whole process.

I felt it was my duty as a pet of the world to vary from my normal, charming blog type post as this is beyond the comprehension of me as a dog, pet and animal. We depend so heavily on humans for love, care, nurturing and housing and there are so many millions of people who provide all that we could ever need and want. But sadly this is not the only type of person. Breeders of the type described above are after one thing only….MONEY. Breeding animals is not a cheap or carefree business and these inhumane people will cut corners wherever they see fit in order to increase the size of their wallets. Whether this means no vaccinations, poor living conditions, little food and water, breeding females to often and too young, taking puppies and kittens away from their mothers before they are ready. These people are obviously not a part of the so called “nation of pet lovers” this country prides itself on, and I would be utterly surprised if they even have any human compassion for any living thing.

I think that there should be better education for people wanting to but young pets, stricter laws, punishments and fines for those who do not adhere to the basic welfare and protection of the animals they chose to breed and more government funding for associations such as the RSPCA to crack down on ”Puppy & Kitten Farms”. It should not be overlooked or tolerated by those who have a voice and can speak on behalf of their pets and the animals of the world that have to endure this diabolical treatment at the hands of inhumane people. And when I think of the amount of dogs and cats that are sitting in rescue centres and are put down each day because there are not enough caring homes for them, it is almost beyond any animals’ comprehension. Ellie and I are lucky as are so many animals. We have love and warmth and the basic animals conditions provided. But how can it be justifiable to kill unwanted pets only to breed more in such terrible conditions.

I want to be able to do something about this and not just stand on my doggie soap box and have a good old rant. Even one voice can make a difference or one person walking away instead of buying. One step at a time and eventually each step would become a mile and countless animals would have suffering ended and would be able to know only the compassion and love that so many humans possess.

Please feel free to leave your comments about this blog and any suggestions or doggie rants are welcome.

A Hopeful and Overwhelmed Jay

Dog with a Blog





I’m back…which is only relevant if you knew I had gone away, which you didn’t becasue even I didn’t know. My fears of a couple of weeks ago about Me and Ellie going to the kennels whilst Mum went away were completely wrong….because she took us with her.  We went “down south” and stayed in a caravan and it was absolutely fabulous. We tooks toys and food and snacks and we did so much stuff I can hardly remember all of it. Ellie got spat on, which was hilarious. We went for a little walk down by a lake and there were loads of swans and geese there. I did warn Ellie about my encounter with these birds that time I went for my solo walk, but she never listens to me. So off she goes down to the edge of the lake and then she sticks her head in and looks around under the water. Some of the female birds took offense at this (I think because they didn’t have any underwear on!!!) and one of them tried to grab Ellie’s leg and pull her in. Mum dropped her ice cream (not good news…) and dragged Ellie back up the bank by her lead, and as she was being pulled away one of the large geese next to her spat on her. I mean, how rude!!! I would have had a stern word with the bird but it had way more friends there than just us three and Mum was more concerned about her ice cream so I decided to leave it.

The best bit about the holiday was where we stayed. It was like a house made out of thick tin on wheels that didn’t move. When you ran about in it, it rocked from side to side and make one hell of a din. So Ellie and I tore up and down as often as we could, before Mum put us out in the little garden. I actually got some good momentum going at one point as I bounced off the sofa (that doubled as a bed?) and ran full pelt through the kitchen thing and bounced off the other end on Mums bed. We were really rockin and rollin. The people in the next caravn to us had brought their pets along on holiday as well. A strange looking dog with no fur on its body and way too much on its head, and also a big, fat ginger cat with a lazy eye. Most people think that dogs and cats don’t get on and that dogs like to eat cats. This is a general myth and actually most of us get on quite well, however that poor dog in the next caravan obviously had his very own cat loony toon to put up with. Twice whilst Ellie and I were sticking our paws up at the cat through our window we saw the little dog trot aimlessly past on the sofa, and twice the cat shot out its back legs and launched the dog across the caravan, without even flinching. And one morning while I was outside doing my business I just caught sight of the dogs front paws disappearing under the caravan and then he emerged covered in mud and that cat walk past with a strange smirk on its face. Very suspicious.

Mum says that maybe we can go back to the caravan later in the year, which I am looking really forward to as it was great fun.

Holidayed Jay

Over the seas and far away….


I haven’t written a blog for a few days as I have been a bit down in the dumps. One of my friends from down the road is moving away. Chase, the Springer Cross (not sure what with…) is moving to Barcelona. Apparently, it’s in Spain and he has to go on a aeroplane to get there. His Dad say’s it is going to be hot and he might have to be shaved!!! (rather him than me…) He told me that he has to get a dog passport, but I’m not sure if he’s making that up or not…I’m going to look it up on the internet later. I told him that he will have to have some big injections, which wiped the smile off his face. I will miss him though. Maybe we will go and visit him? I’m not too keen on the idea of flying though…doesn’t sound very natural. I wonder what happens up there. I bet pets don’t get aeroplane food and free drinks!

Mine and Ellie’s hair is dropping out everywhere. Mum has to keep hoovering every couple of hours and she’s not impressed. She used a very ferocious looking brush this morning that practically waxed me and Ellie bald (okay…a slight exaggeration). Rather a brush than Chases’s up and coming hair style though….

My major acheivement this week has been graduating from Agility Classes. Monday night was my final class and I got a certificate and everything. I had to do a complete circuit of the equipment, without my lead on, and I did really well. I didn’t go over the see-saw, cause I don’t like it and it’s pretty pointless and I also didn’t bother to jump when it came to the mini jump type things. I mean if there is something in my way and I can’t get around it, then I’ll jump….but not unless I have to. And apart from running off to see the Llama in the next field a couple of times….I was great. I think Mum thought I was good too cause when the man gave her the certificate she said “Thank God it’s Over!!!”.

I Need A Hero………

THe day after...The night before

The day after...The night before

And They Call it ....Puppy Love...
And They Call it ….Puppy Love…

Occasionally we go and visit Mums friend who lives about half an hour a way. I have to sit in the boot with Ellie which is not the most pleasant of places. She isn’t to keen on the car so she emits some very offensive smells from her rear end, and she whines constantly from her front end. Mum has taken me to visit her friend before, but this is the first time Ellie has come too. Mums friend has a Scottish Terrier who thinks he’s the dogs…..I usually just lay by the side of the sofa and ignore him but today I had my secret weapon with me. Game On!!!

Mum and her friend started chatting as soon as we arrived and as Charlie “the scottie dog” has the run of the whole house, off we all went to “play!” It took less than 3 minutes for Ellie to quite violently disect 2 of Charlies toys. A funny looking teddy with a blue shirt on ended up headless and armless and a large blow up ball farted uncontrollably around the lounge after Ellie’s claws did a wolverine style move. Charile was not impressed. Now I must admit that there are times when Ellie drives me mad, but as a tag team we are damn near unbeatable. I’ve got the brains and she’s got the balls (so to speak). Next we took aim at the water bowl. Ellie has a fabulous technique of taking a large drink of water and the moving away from the bowl with her mouth still full, she then breathes deeply and everything with 2 metres gets soaked. Most unfortunate for Charlies bed. At this point he obviously realised we were a force to be reckoned with, so off he went to lay by his Mum. Ellie and I took a look around the rest of the house. You can tell he is spoilt cause he has those tiny little gourmet dog food tins that the humans ring each other about on the TV adverts. You know the ones I mean, they have pictures of your favourite dog on them wearing a crown? How quaint. Personally I stick to our supermarkets own brand. My stomach is far too sensitive for anything rich and Ellie will eat whatever ends up in her bowl.

I think Charlie is the type of dog who can only run in slow motions with magical musc playing in the background. Something like “I need a Hero” whilst he runs along the beach in his tight red “STUD” t-shirt. Just a thought…..Mum took some of Ellie’s puppy photos to show her friend. I have put a few of my favourites into this post.


My impression of "An American Werewolf in London"

Play Day Jay

Going for Gold in 2012


I guess not many people associate pets with watching television. However, some of us are avid watchers. Ellie loves TV and she frequently stand two inches away from the screen. I’m not as bothered by it as nothing exciting seems to happen. Until today. Mum is off work…I thinks she’s sick. She’s spent more time running up and down the stairs to the toilet than the people I have been watching on the TV. Why she doesn’t just go in the garden like me and Ellie is beyond me! Mum says the thing on the television is called the Olympics and it’s quite interesting. I’ve been watching swimming, diving, dressage, archery and gymnastics.  I think there’s some kind of rule that if this Olympics is held in your country you get to win most of the medals (but I’m not sure). The people with the red and yellow flag seem to doing very well. Dressage was very impressive. It’s a bit like what I have been learning to do at agility. Maybe I will be able to enter something in the next Olympics. I don’t think I’ve got the strength for gymnastics and you seem to have to grip, whcih is practically impossible with paws. Swimming as not my thing (as you already know). NOw Mum says the track event start tomorrow. Running I can do. Either throw my ball or get 100 killer shepp to chase me and I’m gone.

If you really knew about the things your pets could do you’d be quite amazed. Actually, I get quite amazed at the things people do with pets which seems quite bizarre to me. I mean, if you were meant to carry small dogs around in handbags, they would have been born with handles right? And if your pet was meant to be yellow, green or sky blue pink, its fur would have come out that colour. I do think that some people do what they think is best for their pet, but really it isn’t. George, the Bull Mastiff down the road is quite literally the size of a house. He gets fed all kinds of scraps such as chickens bones, chocolate, mints, cakes. His Mum loves him very much…a little to much. Thing is about us dogs, we will eat until we explode…quite honestly. We will never say no to food, no matter what it is. I guess we just trust that our owners know what they are feeding us. 

Team GB Jay

G.I. Jay!


Last night was agility class…mark 3. Apparently I only have 1 more week before graduation. I don’t think I’m going to make it as a professional agility dog though! I seem to spend more time with my butt swinging off the aparatus than anything else. In my defence, there always seems to be something way more interesting to look at. They have llamas in the field next door….llamas. They stand and watch us for an hour and then wander of to eat more grass. I think one of them fancies me…which is a little worrying. It puts me off my game. I’ve tried to explain to Mum but she seems to think I’m creating a fuss. I’m sure it tried to swipe my leg when I ran across the see saw!!!

But that was the least of the excitment last night. It was actually more like drama class than agility. The agressive Jack Russell with the attitude problem got kicked out of the class. His owner was so embarrassed that she picked up someone elses dog and tried to leave the field (at least I think is was a mistake!)    So, it all began with the perfectly agilitized Yorkshire Terrier who shows all of us up each week with her deft agility moves. It obvious to all of us newbies that she has been to about a million agility classes before and is just there to show off. Well…she was making her perfect way across the A-Frame when the Jack Russell dive bombed her and preceded to pull her through the fabric tunnel by her tail. Luckily the humans don’t understand dog speak, cause the language was terrible!!!  Me and Jessie (my mate) just stood and stared. I was in the midst of jumping the high tyre and obviously my concentration lapsed, I landed with my two back legs either side of the tyre…… bark bark woof woof was not a cry for help I can tell you!   So after the posh lady with the Yorkshire Terrier finally detached the Jack Russell from her pooch all hell broke loose. She started shouting at the lady with the Jack Russell, whilst he tried to rip the hind legs off the Yorkshire Terrier….oh what a farce. And Mum says I’m easily distracted!

Ellies still sulking tonight about not being able to come to agility. I keep telling her it’s nothing special but I think she feels left out. Just to shut her up I did say I would add a few lines to the blog about things she has to say, but to be frank they don’t make any sense. Sometimes she just stands and moves her mouth in a talking motion but no words come out. Then she’ll take so fast that it just sounds like gibberish. She’s more like a Springer Spaniel with batteries than a Border Collie. She’s also started digging huge holes in the garden, which I might add I got blamed for today. She hid my blue bone at the bottom of a newly dug trench so in I went to retrieve it. It’s not my fault of I came in covered in mud. It was a deep hole! Little Miss Ellie (fant) had made her way in via the paddling pool so she was wet, but not muddy, dripping but not muddy, sun shining out of her butt…..but not muddy. I don’t know why Mum created such a fuss. I thought she liked black paw print shapes. After all it was her that bought me a bed covered in them.

An example of why Ellie’s thoughts aren’t apt for reading is clearly expressed in the conversation we had today, before I sat down to write this entry. It went something like this:

Me:       What do you want me to say about you in tonights blog?

Ellie:     Flies…have you seen any flies. I saw 2 outside before, have you seen any. What time are we having tea…oooh I love tea, I’m starvi…oh a fly!

Me:       Shall I write about your favourite toy?

Ellie:     Throw the toy…throw the toy and I’ll fetch no no..throw the toy and we’ll fetch it together. I going to find a toy…have you thrown it yet?

Me:       I can’t throw toys…..I have paws!

Ellie:     I’m going out into the garden. Do you want to dig holes…I’m going to dig holes. Did you throw the toy yet? Where is the toy?

Nearly the graduate Jay (just call me Dustin)

Guide to maximizing your owners “holiday”


Mum is planning a holiday. The reason I know this is because she has started her usual routine of trying to convince me that I too and going on my holidays….to the kennel (yeah right!!!) In light of this I have decided to outline some key tactics and methods for making the most of those holiday blues. Whether you get shipped off to the kennels or cattery, or are less fortunate and get to spend a week with great aunt Mildred who insists on plaiting your hair and seeing how cute you look in her socks!!!! this is a must read for all pets who’s owners are rude enough to think they need to get away from it all for a week….without taking you!!! 

Get hold of the sacred red book 

This is by no means an easy feat and it certainly not for the faint hearted. The scared red book is also known as the Passport and you will probably find it glued to your owners side for at least a month before they jaunt off. For maximum effect you should aim to get a hold of it within a week of their holiday date. Hide it, chew it or blatantly destroy it….the choice is yours. If you bide your time your owner will apparently have to queue for at least eight hours at the passport office to obtain a new one. It’s a risky move but will certainly ingrain onto your owners brain that you are not impressed.  

Sulk for days on end

The effectiveness of this tactic is dependant on how excited your owner is about their impending holiday, occasionally your sulking maybe overlooked or defined as “cute”. This is a tactic best left until the last minute. There is pretty much no chance that your owner will ever cancel their holiday, however if you use your best puppy dogs eyes at the same time as your owner wedges you into the boot next to 600 bags and cases you with inevitably emblazon your sad face across their minds for the whole duration of their holiday.

Refuse to walk properly

This is a great method for showing your disapproval of being left behind and showing your owner up both at the same time. When they get you out of the car at your boarding destination sit down and refuse to move. You may get pulled slightly on your bum but if you hold out your owner will eventually feign hopelessness and give up. This really only delays the event, howevevr you are more than likely to be enticed onwards with your favourite food treat. If you can really drag this out you’ll at least be well fed before being left. PLEASE NOTE: this method is usually unsuccessful for small dog breeds and cats. If all else fails, use your claws to maximum effect.
Create havoc
You maybe a pooch version of an angel at home, but if you want to ensure you don’t end up being left behind again you will need to cement your legacy. Once left at your boarding home it is usually quite easy to find fellow parnters in crime who have also been left out on the family holiday. Bark, howl and create your own private rock party. Drag the doggy sitter around on the leash whenever they attempt to walk you. This method is particularly effective if you are staying in someones house as oppose to the kennels. Even if you have never eaten carpet or dragged freshly ironed washing throught the mud before…you need to start. You will have the legacy as a “riot monger”, however, kennels and doggy sitters alike will become suprisingly “fully booked” whenever your owners holidays arise.

 Never act too excited 

After a week (or 2 if you are unlucky) your owner will return to pick you up. This is the time when they are most vunerable. They usually have the holiday blues as they have been to a Country where rain is not a daily occurance, they will also be missing you madly and be slightly guilty about leaving you. It is essential at this point that you do not waste these human emotions. When your owner pops their head around the door, never act like a turbo charged tazmanian devil. Simply look up from the corner you have taken up residence in and give a long, slow sigh. It is most effective at this point to look away and pit your head back onto your paws. 2 things are likely to happen at this point. Your distraught owener will either think you are very upset with them for leaving you and you will undoubtedly be treated to toys and food treats for a good few days. Or your owner will think you have forgotten who they are and will be mortified. This usually guarantees toys and food treats for a good week if not more. It is helpful if you grip the floor with your claws when they try to take you home and howl like a wounded beast. The more people that see the better.
Of course you maybe under the impression that your owner deserves a nice holday. You could go calmly and quietly to your boarding destination and wait patiently until they arrive home, leaping into their arms and showing them with wet sloppy kisses……but where’s the fun in that?

 Going on holiday Jay

Paws for Thought


I’m quite an early morning riser. I’m usually up way before anyone else in the house. Ellie has to sleep in a crate due to her love of carpet eating, but it doesn’t taste too good to me so I get to sleep in my comfy round dog bed. I usually tiptoe into the lounge around 6am and have a quiet hour or so before anyone wakes up. I often think about how lucky I am to have such a nice home. Being a rescue dog it could have ended much worse. Mum says there are so many dogs without homes or living in bad homes and I wonder why? I would have thought that there was more than enough people to take care of all the dogs without homes….maybe not though. Everyone that Ellie and I meet on our walks seem to love dogs. There is one lady who always stops to say hello. The other week Ellie jumped her her and had a fuss, so obviously I needed to get in on the action as well. I didn’t realise she was bending so low to stroke Ellie. I headbutted her straight under the chin…..ooops.

Well I can hear the house stiring so i’d better sign out until later.

Early Morning Jay

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest!!!

Dogs Best Friend

Dogs Best Friend

Ellie found a toffee on the floor in the back garden today. Oooh how I laughed. I watched her for at least 20 minutes before thinking I’d better go and get help. She chewed, and chewed and then chewed some more. Each time she opened her mouth to bark it snapped back shut and glued her teeth together. I think it’s the longest she’s been quite since she came to live with us. I went and got Mum eventually. She didn’t have much luck though. Ellie obviously realised that once the toffee had been prized from her teeth, it was going in the bin. Needless to say, it was quite a few hours before she swallowed the last of it.    Being the man of the house, I could of helped out but I thought my talents were best utilised elsewhere. Like hurtling upstairs in answer to Mum’s screams as she came flying out of the bedroom with a look of terror on her face. “In there Jay, on the floor!” So in I go very cautiously, and there it is. A bird!!!   Now I don’t wish to be funny, but I’m a dog, with paws….and I frequently use all four of them for standing upright. How I am expected to catch a bird and put it back out through the window is anyones guess. I did what I thought was more than helpful and watched it for a few minutes. It hopped here and flew there and crapped on the bed….so I left the room, giving Mum a distainful look on the way past and headed back downstairs to watch Ellie’s mouth snap back shut repeatedly.

I think that maybe people get a little confused about what dogs do and don’t do, like and don’t like. Some general examples being…….some dogs like water, some don’t. Personally I’m not for the stuff, but if some absent minded person throws my favourite ball into the sea, I’m going to retrieve it. What confuses me though is when I start to dry off and Mum says I have that awful “doggy” smell. Not to point out the obvious, but I’m a dog. I don’t think it would be taken to kindly if I constantly commented on that awful “human” smell that people seem to have!
Weeing on command is another bug bear for me. Dogs have bladders and brains and they are somehow connected, much in the same way as a persons. When our bladders are full we wee. Granted, if you’re a puppy or particularly lazing this may be in the house, but we know when we need to go.  
I’m pretty sure there is not a dog alive that enjoys dancing on their hind legs, and I would not noramlly mention that I have been subjected to this on more than one occasion, only I’m sure I’m not the only one…..
Now thankfully the hair on top of my head is relatively short, however I have seen some unfortunate dogs walking down the street with coloured bobbles in their hair, making a kind of mohican pigs tail on the top of their heads. And there is actually a dog down the road from us who wears human type clothes. He has a black t-shirt with “STUD” written on the back in sparkly letters…..
But hey each to their own…..and maybe they actually like it…who knows.