Paws for Thought


I’m quite an early morning riser. I’m usually up way before anyone else in the house. Ellie has to sleep in a crate due to her love of carpet eating, but it doesn’t taste too good to me so I get to sleep in my comfy round dog bed. I usually tiptoe into the lounge around 6am and have a quiet hour or so before anyone wakes up. I often think about how lucky I am to have such a nice home. Being a rescue dog it could have ended much worse. Mum says there are so many dogs without homes or living in bad homes and I wonder why? I would have thought that there was more than enough people to take care of all the dogs without homes….maybe not though. Everyone that Ellie and I meet on our walks seem to love dogs. There is one lady who always stops to say hello. The other week Ellie jumped her her and had a fuss, so obviously I needed to get in on the action as well. I didn’t realise she was bending so low to stroke Ellie. I headbutted her straight under the chin…..ooops.

Well I can hear the house stiring so i’d better sign out until later.

Early Morning Jay

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