G.I. Jay!


Last night was agility class…mark 3. Apparently I only have 1 more week before graduation. I don’t think I’m going to make it as a professional agility dog though! I seem to spend more time with my butt swinging off the aparatus than anything else. In my defence, there always seems to be something way more interesting to look at. They have llamas in the field next door….llamas. They stand and watch us for an hour and then wander of to eat more grass. I think one of them fancies me…which is a little worrying. It puts me off my game. I’ve tried to explain to Mum but she seems to think I’m creating a fuss. I’m sure it tried to swipe my leg when I ran across the see saw!!!

But that was the least of the excitment last night. It was actually more like drama class than agility. The agressive Jack Russell with the attitude problem got kicked out of the class. His owner was so embarrassed that she picked up someone elses dog and tried to leave the field (at least I think is was a mistake!)    So, it all began with the perfectly agilitized Yorkshire Terrier who shows all of us up each week with her deft agility moves. It obvious to all of us newbies that she has been to about a million agility classes before and is just there to show off. Well…she was making her perfect way across the A-Frame when the Jack Russell dive bombed her and preceded to pull her through the fabric tunnel by her tail. Luckily the humans don’t understand dog speak, cause the language was terrible!!!  Me and Jessie (my mate) just stood and stared. I was in the midst of jumping the high tyre and obviously my concentration lapsed, I landed with my two back legs either side of the tyre……..my bark bark woof woof was not a cry for help I can tell you!   So after the posh lady with the Yorkshire Terrier finally detached the Jack Russell from her pooch all hell broke loose. She started shouting at the lady with the Jack Russell, whilst he tried to rip the hind legs off the Yorkshire Terrier….oh what a farce. And Mum says I’m easily distracted!

Ellies still sulking tonight about not being able to come to agility. I keep telling her it’s nothing special but I think she feels left out. Just to shut her up I did say I would add a few lines to the blog about things she has to say, but to be frank they don’t make any sense. Sometimes she just stands and moves her mouth in a talking motion but no words come out. Then she’ll take so fast that it just sounds like gibberish. She’s more like a Springer Spaniel with batteries than a Border Collie. She’s also started digging huge holes in the garden, which I might add I got blamed for today. She hid my blue bone at the bottom of a newly dug trench so in I went to retrieve it. It’s not my fault of I came in covered in mud. It was a deep hole! Little Miss Ellie (fant) had made her way in via the paddling pool so she was wet, but not muddy, dripping but not muddy, sun shining out of her butt…..but not muddy. I don’t know why Mum created such a fuss. I thought she liked black paw print shapes. After all it was her that bought me a bed covered in them.

An example of why Ellie’s thoughts aren’t apt for reading is clearly expressed in the conversation we had today, before I sat down to write this entry. It went something like this:

Me:       What do you want me to say about you in tonights blog?

Ellie:     Flies…have you seen any flies. I saw 2 outside before, have you seen any. What time are we having tea…oooh I love tea, I’m starvi…oh a fly!

Me:       Shall I write about your favourite toy?

Ellie:     Throw the toy…throw the toy and I’ll fetch it..no no no..throw the toy and we’ll fetch it together. I going to find a toy…have you thrown it yet?

Me:       I can’t throw toys…..I have paws!

Ellie:     I’m going out into the garden. Do you want to dig holes…I’m going to dig holes. Did you throw the toy yet? Where is the toy?

Nearly the graduate Jay (just call me Dustin)


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