Going for Gold in 2012


I guess not many people associate pets with watching television. However, some of us are avid watchers. Ellie loves TV and she frequently stand two inches away from the screen. I’m not as bothered by it as nothing exciting seems to happen. Until today. Mum is off work…I thinks she’s sick. She’s spent more time running up and down the stairs to the toilet than the people I have been watching on the TV. Why she doesn’t just go in the garden like me and Ellie is beyond me! Mum says the thing on the television is called the Olympics and it’s quite interesting. I’ve been watching swimming, diving, dressage, archery and gymnastics.  I think there’s some kind of rule that if this Olympics is held in your country you get to win most of the medals (but I’m not sure). The people with the red and yellow flag seem to doing very well. Dressage was very impressive. It’s a bit like what I have been learning to do at agility. Maybe I will be able to enter something in the next Olympics. I don’t think I’ve got the strength for gymnastics and you seem to have to grip, whcih is practically impossible with paws. Swimming as not my thing (as you already know). NOw Mum says the track event start tomorrow. Running I can do. Either throw my ball or get 100 killer shepp to chase me and I’m gone.

If you really knew about the things your pets could do you’d be quite amazed. Actually, I get quite amazed at the things people do with pets which seems quite bizarre to me. I mean, if you were meant to carry small dogs around in handbags, they would have been born with handles right? And if your pet was meant to be yellow, green or sky blue pink, its fur would have come out that colour. I do think that some people do what they think is best for their pet, but really it isn’t. George, the Bull Mastiff down the road is quite literally the size of a house. He gets fed all kinds of scraps such as chickens bones, chocolate, mints, cakes. His Mum loves him very much…a little to much. Thing is about us dogs, we will eat until we explode…quite honestly. We will never say no to food, no matter what it is. I guess we just trust that our owners know what they are feeding us. 

Team GB Jay

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