I Need A Hero………


THe day after...The night before

The day after...The night before

And They Call it ....Puppy Love...
And They Call it ….Puppy Love…

Occasionally we go and visit Mums friend who lives about half an hour a way. I have to sit in the boot with Ellie which is not the most pleasant of places. She isn’t to keen on the car so she emits some very offensive smells from her rear end, and she whines constantly from her front end. Mum has taken me to visit her friend before, but this is the first time Ellie has come too. Mums friend has a Scottish Terrier who thinks he’s the dogs…..I usually just lay by the side of the sofa and ignore him but today I had my secret weapon with me. Game On!!!

Mum and her friend started chatting as soon as we arrived and as Charlie “the scottie dog” has the run of the whole house, off we all went to “play!” It took less than 3 minutes for Ellie to quite violently disect 2 of Charlies toys. A funny looking teddy with a blue shirt on ended up headless and armless and a large blow up ball farted uncontrollably around the lounge after Ellie’s claws did a wolverine style move. Charile was not impressed. Now I must admit that there are times when Ellie drives me mad, but as a tag team we are damn near unbeatable. I’ve got the brains and she’s got the balls (so to speak). Next we took aim at the water bowl. Ellie has a fabulous technique of taking a large drink of water and the moving away from the bowl with her mouth still full, she then breathes deeply and everything with 2 metres gets soaked. Most unfortunate for Charlies bed. At this point he obviously realised we were a force to be reckoned with, so off he went to lay by his Mum. Ellie and I took a look around the rest of the house. You can tell he is spoilt cause he has those tiny little gourmet dog food tins that the humans ring each other about on the TV adverts. You know the ones I mean, they have pictures of your favourite dog on them wearing a crown? How quaint. Personally I stick to our supermarkets own brand. My stomach is far too sensitive for anything rich and Ellie will eat whatever ends up in her bowl.

I think Charlie is the type of dog who can only run in slow motions with magical musc playing in the background. Something like “I need a Hero” whilst he runs along the beach in his tight red “STUD” t-shirt. Just a thought…..Mum took some of Ellie’s puppy photos to show her friend. I have put a few of my favourites into this post.


My impression of "An American Werewolf in London"

Play Day Jay

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