Over the seas and far away….


I haven’t written a blog for a few days as I have been a bit down in the dumps. One of my friends from down the road is moving away. Chase, the Springer Cross (not sure what with…) is moving to Barcelona. Apparently, it’s in Spain and he has to go on a aeroplane to get there. His Dad say’s it is going to be hot and he might have to be shaved!!! (rather him than me…) He told me that he has to get a dog passport, but I’m not sure if he’s making that up or not…I’m going to look it up on the internet later. I told him that he will have to have some big injections, which wiped the smile off his face. I will miss him though. Maybe we will go and visit him? I’m not too keen on the idea of flying though…doesn’t sound very natural. I wonder what happens up there. I bet pets don’t get aeroplane food and free drinks!

Mine and Ellie’s hair is dropping out everywhere. Mum has to keep hoovering every couple of hours and she’s not impressed. She used a very ferocious looking brush this morning that practically waxed me and Ellie bald (okay…a slight exaggeration). Rather a brush than Chases’s up and coming hair style though….

My major acheivement this week has been graduating from Agility Classes. Monday night was my final class and I got a certificate and everything. I had to do a complete circuit of the equipment, without my lead on, and I did really well. I didn’t go over the see-saw, cause I don’t like it and it’s pretty pointless and I also didn’t bother to jump when it came to the mini jump type things. I mean if there is something in my way and I can’t get around it, then I’ll jump….but not unless I have to. And apart from running off to see the Llama in the next field a couple of times….I was great. I think Mum thought I was good too cause when the man gave her the certificate she said “Thank God it’s Over!!!”.

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