I’m back…which is only relevant if you knew I had gone away, which you didn’t becasue even I didn’t know. My fears of a couple of weeks ago about Me and Ellie going to the kennels whilst Mum went away were completely wrong….because she took us with her.  We went “down south” and stayed in a caravan and it was absolutely fabulous. We tooks toys and food and snacks and we did so much stuff I can hardly remember all of it. Ellie got spat on, which was hilarious. We went for a little walk down by a lake and there were loads of swans and geese there. I did warn Ellie about my encounter with these birds that time I went for my solo walk, but she never listens to me. So off she goes down to the edge of the lake and then she sticks her head in and looks around under the water. Some of the female birds took offense at this (I think because they didn’t have any underwear on!!!) and one of them tried to grab Ellie’s leg and pull her in. Mum dropped her ice cream (not good news…) and dragged Ellie back up the bank by her lead, and as she was being pulled away one of the large geese next to her spat on her. I mean, how rude!!! I would have had a stern word with the bird but it had way more friends there than just us three and Mum was more concerned about her ice cream so I decided to leave it.

The best bit about the holiday was where we stayed. It was like a house made out of thick tin on wheels that didn’t move. When you ran about in it, it rocked from side to side and make one hell of a din. So Ellie and I tore up and down as often as we could, before Mum put us out in the little garden. I actually got some good momentum going at one point as I bounced off the sofa (that doubled as a bed?) and ran full pelt through the kitchen thing and bounced off the other end on Mums bed. We were really rockin and rollin. The people in the next caravn to us had brought their pets along on holiday as well. A strange looking dog with no fur on its body and way too much on its head, and also a big, fat ginger cat with a lazy eye. Most people think that dogs and cats don’t get on and that dogs like to eat cats. This is a general myth and actually most of us get on quite well, however that poor dog in the next caravan obviously had his very own cat loony toon to put up with. Twice whilst Ellie and I were sticking our paws up at the cat through our window we saw the little dog trot aimlessly past on the sofa, and twice the cat shot out its back legs and launched the dog across the caravan, without even flinching. And one morning while I was outside doing my business I just caught sight of the dogs front paws disappearing under the caravan and then he emerged covered in mud and that cat walk past with a strange smirk on its face. Very suspicious.

Mum says that maybe we can go back to the caravan later in the year, which I am looking really forward to as it was great fun.

Holidayed Jay

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  1. Hi Jay! It sounds like you had a very good time! We really like your blog! My humans were wondering if you would mind telling them which campsite you went to! They would hate to put us in kennels, but really need a holiday as well! We don’t want to pride of course, so if you would rather not tell us we would perfectly understand!!!
    Thank you, and lots of slobbers!

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