Puppy Farms – A Dogs View of Inhumanity


As a rescue dog I consider myself lucky every day to have a loving, caring family and a warm, happy house to call my home. Unfortunately there are literally millions of pets who cannot say the same. I watched a program with Mum about “Puppy Farms” and am still beyond horrified as to the conditions and lack or care that is considered acceptable to bestow on helpless dogs and cats. As “man’s best friend” I cannot see the logic or reasoning behind anyone who buys a pet from an inhumane breeder or location. I would be hopeful that it is widely known that many of these so called “Puppy & Kitten Farms” sell their animals on to breeders and through website and paper advertisements, but it is really no excuse for someone buying a puppy or kitten to ignore what must be so blatantly obvious. There are so many things that can be checked and see with first-hand experience, and of course there is always “If in doubt, do not buy”. I suppose it would be a common misconception that if you buy one of these suffering animals that you are actually helping them out, and on one level this is true. However, you are in reality, only making room for more puppies and kittens to be bred and sold and are actually endorsing the whole process.

I felt it was my duty as a pet of the world to vary from my normal, charming blog type post as this is beyond the comprehension of me as a dog, pet and animal. We depend so heavily on humans for love, care, nurturing and housing and there are so many millions of people who provide all that we could ever need and want. But sadly this is not the only type of person. Breeders of the type described above are after one thing only….MONEY. Breeding animals is not a cheap or carefree business and these inhumane people will cut corners wherever they see fit in order to increase the size of their wallets. Whether this means no vaccinations, poor living conditions, little food and water, breeding females to often and too young, taking puppies and kittens away from their mothers before they are ready. These people are obviously not a part of the so called “nation of pet lovers” this country prides itself on, and I would be utterly surprised if they even have any human compassion for any living thing.

I think that there should be better education for people wanting to but young pets, stricter laws, punishments and fines for those who do not adhere to the basic welfare and protection of the animals they chose to breed and more government funding for associations such as the RSPCA to crack down on ”Puppy & Kitten Farms”. It should not be overlooked or tolerated by those who have a voice and can speak on behalf of their pets and the animals of the world that have to endure this diabolical treatment at the hands of inhumane people. And when I think of the amount of dogs and cats that are sitting in rescue centres and are put down each day because there are not enough caring homes for them, it is almost beyond any animals’ comprehension. Ellie and I are lucky as are so many animals. We have love and warmth and the basic animals conditions provided. But how can it be justifiable to kill unwanted pets only to breed more in such terrible conditions.

I want to be able to do something about this and not just stand on my doggie soap box and have a good old rant. Even one voice can make a difference or one person walking away instead of buying. One step at a time and eventually each step would become a mile and countless animals would have suffering ended and would be able to know only the compassion and love that so many humans possess.

Please feel free to leave your comments about this blog and any suggestions or doggie rants are welcome.

A Hopeful and Overwhelmed Jay

Dog with a Blog



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  1. You’re right. One voice, one person makes a difference. I have 2 rescue dogs. There is nothing like a rescue dog. The joy they give is the greatest. I think with Oprah and Jana Kohl out there doing their part and us saying our part is slowly doing something. Good job, dog with a blog!

  2. I fully understand the meaning of this blog. We run a puppy farm or if you will a puppy mill rescue in Hornell,Ny. We invite you to take a look at out blog at http://newhopedogs.wordpress.com and good luck at getting the word out on these farms. Thanks for your help spreading the word.

  3. You should have posted some photos, I had to do a report on this for an ethics class and man oh man… I don’t jump on the bandwagon about much but this HAS to stop!

    Do you know that there is a policy, if the dog you buy (from a mill situation) dies within a few days you can get a full refund? When I adopted my dog from the pound the first thing I did was check to make sure he didn’t have parvo because I didn’t want to fall in love with him only to have him die within a few years. If I got a dog that died within a few days of me getting him I am pretty sure I would be destroyed. How is that such a common occurrence its an actual policy?

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