If You Change Your Mind…..I’m The Next In Line


In light of yesterdays post on the abomination that is the “Puppy Farm” or “Puppy Mill” trade, I have spent much of today looking into ways others can help or websites that offer alternatives to those looking to add a pet to their family. If yesterdays blog was enough to make you change your mind about buying a puppy or kitten from a “Puppy Farm”, unlicensed breeder or pet shop then hopefully your next step will be the abundant array of animal shelters and rescue centres. So many dogs and cats are in desperate need of a loving home and are in great danger of being euthanized as there is not enough space to shelter these poor animals indefinately. It is thought that approximately 21 dogs every day are put to sleep due to not being rehomed. That is a staggering 7665 every year in the UK alone, and this number does not include those puppy farms and unscrupulous breeders who kill their breeding machines once they are of no use or too old. Oprah stated on her latest aired show that the number in the USA is nearer to 40 dogs a day. Thats an unbelievable 22265 every year in the UK and USA alone that are put to sleep. And yet puppies continue to be such a sought after option.

Here are some links to animal shelters, rescue centres and great websites that will give the option of giving a pet a new home and helping to slowly reduce the horrific above number, even if it is only one at a time.

http://www.animalcare-lancaster.co.uk     http://www.smallpaws.co.uk    www.merseynet.co.uk/gar

www.sunderland-rspca.org.uk     http://www.willowsanimals.com     http://www.animalrescuers.co.uk

http://www.animalsanctuaries.co.uk    http://www.animalsaver.co.uk        http://www.rspca.org.uk/

This is such a small portion of the available websites and shelters in the UK alone but it just takes a small search and a big heart to give a life and not take it away. It is time for humans to pave the way forward for animals that do not have a voice and are needlessly suffering at the hands of those who use cats and dogs as “cash cows”. It doesn’t matter whether you walk away from a puppy farm, report it, donate to a dog or cat charity, volunteer at a shelter, re-home a pet from a rescue centre or just post your view for others to see. Each person doing just one thing will change the world of pets forever.

Thank You – Jay


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