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Website Launch & The Great Escape


I haven’t blogged in over a week as I have been so busy moving house and getting my very own website up and running. went live on 5th September 2008 and is My and Ellie’s aim is to make this world more pet friendly. From Places to stay that love pets, to pet advice and articles on Rescue Centres and so much more. Of course my past history of Dog Blogs is on there aswell.

We have moved to a wonderful house in the Country and Mum has spent absolutely ages Dog proofing the garden so that Ellie doesn’t try and escape. She seems to think I have learnt my lesson from last time so hasn’t been too worried about me. Our garden is enormous and we are surrounded by fields with cows in them. Ellie spends most days sitting in the window pulling faces at them. Mum finally let us out into the larger part of the garden for the first time today, so I thought it was my duty being the older, more respnsible dog to check the garden for any potential escape routes that might entice Ellie into the outside world and beyond. At first Mum seemed to have done a good job and Ellie was too busy getting up close and personal with the cows in the next field to llok for flaws in Mums hard work. I on the other hand found one. I was about to point it out to Mum in a calm and helpful manner when she noticed me in the out of bounds area. I think she was angry with herself more than anything for missing a bit in the fence, but her tone¬† when she shouted me was less than pleasant. Now I know what you are thinking……..I should have remembered the chaos that reigned last time I ran in the opposite direction, but how much fun would that be?

This time instead of being faced with a busy high street and hundreds of people, there was nothing but me and the open fields stretching miles ahead. I was running…….. Mum, bless her actually managed to clear the fence in one go. She probably would have been close behind me at that point had she not sunk up to her knees in mud and cow poo! The air literally turned blue with the words that came out of her mouth. She was shouting all of my favourite things after me…and had she stopped at “ball” or “toy” I probably would have run back to her, but when she said “Jay..come and get your ball, toy, treat, breakfast, tea, dinner, Ellie, walk”….I knew she was just trying to get me to run in her direction. It was at the point I realised Mum was well and truly stuck in the mud. I must admit I did stop and watch for a while…. She did start to walk forward, a bit like a zombie from “Night of the Living Dead” her arms were out in front of her and she was struggling to life her legs to walk. Then she really started to lose her marbles. When her left foot came out of the mud, there was no shoe attached to it. I saw her bend down and try to retrieve it, but most unfortunately she fell face first, with her zombie arms being outstretched. That’s about as much as I saw…cos I legged it across the field as fast as my four legs could carry me….”Hell hath no furry like a Mommy scorned”.

I’m afraid there is not long winded end this time. The large field was completely surrounded by a large fence, much more secure than Mums so I walked slowly back towards the house. Mum put me in the utility room for a few hours and I had to have a bath (which I hate)….I haven’t been back in the garden today and I’m not sure when Mum will let us back in. Hopefully it won’t be too long…cos it’s a great garden.

Country Living Jay