Monthly Archives: March 2009

You’ve Got Mail!!!


Ellie is a lean, mean eating machine and she usually gets away with it, but recently she has started eating things that drive mum mad and today was the final straw. Not only did she eat the cheque that came in the post for mum, she also ate mum’s new bank card. She got off lucky with the 2 bills she ate as mum didn’t seem too bothered. Yesterday she ripped a big hole in the beanbag thing that mum rests her feet on. Suprisingly enough it wasn’t filled with beans at all, much to Ellie’s disappointment. It was filled with tiny round ball things. “Was” being the operative word because after about 20 minutes they were all over the lounge floor instead. I have tried stopping Ellie’s mass destruction when the postman calls but she’s like a dog possessed. She tears around the kitchen with the mail in her mouth (which I must admit I have joined in with a couple of times) like the Tazmanian Devil on Red Bull. Although she’s not running anywhere at the moment because she is in her crate. She’s not happy as you can see from the picture I took a few moments ago.


Slumdog Millionaire


I watched the unaptly named Slumdog Millionaire with mum last night. 2 hours of staring and not one single dog in the whole film. I really wish people would learn to name things appropriately. The Truth About Cats and Dogs, The Owl and the Pussycat – no dogs, no cats, no owls. Very disappointing. So if you’ve followed my blogs in the past you will notice I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Mum moved the computer into the lounge at our new house so it has been a nightmare trying to blog unnoticed. Muh has happened in the past few months. Apparently my butt has gotten bigger, or so mum says. I keep trying to point out that my fur doesn’t fall out during winter so I’m actually poofier – not bigger. Ellie paws have been quite sore lately after walks. Mum has been babying her and bathing her feet in funny smelling water. Mum seems unaware that when Ellie runs up the concrete hill by our house like a hyena on speed, her paws are bound to be sore.

The cows in the field next to us moved out just before Christmas, so it was quiet for a while. But now we have new neighbours. Sheep and little, skinny, noisy lambs.  They are not as friendly as the cows though, which is disappointing. The cows used to try and pull Ellie’s face through the fence, which was hilarious. But the sheep just kind of stand there doing – nothing.

Well tea is calling

Filling my Belly Jay