Dear Santa……..Canine Style


Although it may be a little early for Christmas musings, I am trying to come up with my Christmas wish list early this year so that I do not end up with the usual human version of canine presents. It was no mere accident last year that I cocked my leg up the artificial Christmas tree, although I will not be repeating this due my private parts being laden in tinsel for 2 days afterwards. My ‘accident’ was a vain attempt at letting my owner know that I was not impressed with the stocking shaped goody bag (which turned out to be mostly packaging), nor was I content with the reindeer ears I was forced to wear for 3 days (though the reindeer from which they came was probably less impressed still).   

This year I am dropping subtle hints for a state of the art treadmill. Although I live for my daily walks with my owner, I am not a winter dog. I do not like the cold and I like snow and ice even less. I know it is not here yet, but trust me….it will be. The steep incline from our house turns into a sakting rink every year and I not only have to try and pull myself up the hill, I have to pull my owner as well (an unenviable task when she has wolfed down a Christmas dinner and 6 mince pies). A treadmill would allow me to walk in the house, therefore keeping my lean figure trim, and means I would not miss my favourite TV shows. I left the Argos catalogue on the sports equipment page yesterday…..hint hint.  

My housemate Ellie has picked up the nasty habit of answering back when she is told off. I may add some ear muffs to my Christmas list…..or a gag!

Driving Home For Christmas Jay xxx

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  1. We’ve got a problem with the treadmill noise – now if I could just get the headphones to stop rolling under the dog chin….thought music might be soothing. ( FYI: The humans are just sooo appreciative of the indoor exercise alternative….Santa, please?)

  2. Good luck. I’ve got a human treadmill that I’ve desperately tried to get Olive to like. No dice. Not yet anyway. I even had a trainer here twice; she can get her on, but she doesn’t like to stay on. Trying to get her to stay on causes her great mental effort; I thought she was going to pass out from cerebral exhaustion.

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