Cat Like Dog


I have tried in vain for the past 3 years to identify what type of animal is crossed with; she is definately not a pure bred Border Collie, although Mum insists she is! (guessing she paid over the odds for a mixed breed). Finally today after being blown half way across the garde whilst trying to pee, I have worked it out. She is not crossed with another canine breed as I initally thought, she is in fact pat cat!

I know this seems a extreme suggestion, but I have watched cats for years and I know how the differ from us dogs. The think they have superior intelligence (which we actually allow them to believe); they stalk their prey (we just chase ours) and the do not have ball catching instincts. I have just watched Ellie, my canine housemate stalk a bird in our back garden. Not the usual stealth stalking you may witness from our feline counterparts; more like an elephant trying to tip toe around a pottery shop. The point is not that she is bad at stalking, but more that she is trying to stalk at all. I have obviously had a stern word with her to explain that dogs do not stalk, but she appears not to be listening.

I blame myself somewhat; I mean I noticed when she was a puppy that she couldn’t catch a tennis ball to save her life, but I just thought she would grow into it (and repeatedly threw balls at her head to help the process along a little). But it actually got worse as she grew, not only did she not catch a ball thrown from 500 yards, she had completely forgotten Mum was holding a ball by the time she got 500 yards away.

I do not judge my fellow canine’s, regardless of their unusual behaviour. However, there is a cat next door called Ida (shame on her owners for their name choosing abilities), and without wishing to be rude; she is one mean cat. A common myth is that dogs hate cats and visa versa, but this is not the case. I spent a lot of time with cats in the rescue centre and quite like them, but Ida does her level best to be as unlikeable as possible. She sat on the fence this morning (very impressive as the fence is less than an inch in width), and watched Ellie’s attempt at bird stalking. Now I know she shouldn’t be stalking and it is weird behaviour for a dog, but I am supportive non the less. Whereas Ida laughed at her in a hissy, cat like way. She also spat at Ellie on her way past (whilst showing the correct procedure for stalking).

Not so into cats…..Jay xxx

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