Stupid Questions with Sensible Answers


As a dog, it always amazes me how stupid some of the questions that Mum asks me are. I know how intelligent Mum is because she never forgets to feed us and she has never been eaten by a wild animal. Today is obviously dog quiz day and Mum has forgotten to tell me. It would have been nice to have been told, seeing as though all of the questions are being aimed at me.

“Why are you chasing your tail Jay?” I would have thought the answer to this was obvious, I’m chasing my tail to catch it; the same as I do with those sticks and tennis balls you keep throwing.

“Why are you dragging your bum along the floor Jay?” I wonder if I get extra credit for a two point answer. A: Because it itches and B: Because I have never found where you hide my personal toilet paper.

“JAY; why did you wee up that tree” If I may be as bold as to answer a question with a question; Why is there a tree in the house if not for me to cock my leg up? You have obviously seen what I do up the trees in the garden all year round, so why would you put one of those in our lounge?

I assume they are all rhetorical questions, as Mum never waits for an answer. God help her if she starts to aim her questions at Ellie, because even I don’t understand why she does most of what she does.

Quiz Master….Jay xxx

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