Dog Gang Members Needed……


I doth believe that Spring is here and woe betide mother Nature if she takes it away again…….I have been on a 3 mile walk today in temperatures that felt like the Sahara Desert (slight exaggeration, but I’m now used to the cold Welsh winter months…). By the time we arrived home my mouth felt like I’d licked Ghandi’s flipflop and far from drinking the fresh cold water in my bowl, I simply dunked my entire head in it.

After making the age old joke of “Jay, not wonder you’re hot. Take that big black coat off!!”……my face literally aches from laughing. Mum decided a hair cut was the way to go. My God, I have often felt immense pity for that sheepdog off the Specsavers advert who’s blind farmer owner shears him instead of one of his sheep; but no longer.

That dog looks positively daper compared to my misfit of a groom job. I am concerned as to whether Mum is actually blind (in which case I will not take her word for it when she advises it is safe to cross the road); or whether she just didn’t give a rats ass how my groom job would end up.

My right profile doesn’t look too bad…..however as I am not in the habit of walking like a crab, the lack of even hair and the six bald patches on my left side are a slight worry. Ellie laughed so hard that she choked on her own tongue (karma…), she has 3 years on me and so can run much faster when faced with the shears. Plus her nails are like talons which Mum is adverse to go near.

Basically, there is no good ending to this….I look like a gang dog with a weird cult sign shaved into my body. Maybe I could start a trend and get the other dogs in the block to join……..

Bald as a Baby…….Jay

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