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I’M BEING STARVED……….well, starved is a bit dramatic. I have been given a child’s portion of rice!!!

I’ve picked up a stomach bug from Dog knows where…….toilet visits ten to the dozen and wind enough to fly a kite. Mum seems to think not feeding me is the quick fix. Personally, I think she is worried about having to get up in the middle of the night when my teeny portion of rice tries to find the nearest exit out of my body.

In addition to this, she thinks my energy will be depleted if she takes me out for a walk having not been fed…….HUMAN LOGIC!!!

I am used to having much more sympathy when I’m feeling under the weather. However, Mum is apparently feeling ‘ill’ as well which is taking precedence over my upset tummy. Drama Queen as ever, Mum is insistent she has ‘Swine Flu’…….more like ‘Wine Flu’ given the 2 bottles of wine she polished off last night !!!  

Under The Weather Jay xxx

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