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View Through My Specs

I draw a blank to passing considerations and bureaucratic failings
Failed expectations gnaw and grate my every sense
When do we accept what is before our very eyes is truth?
No hiding from reality to the pain that consumes and binds,
guided by interpretation; still your ideals are different to mine?

We see the same but react differently, honouring the pain that creates subdivisions
Accidental does not mean unintentional
A needing for clarity does not negate self-belief
We journey against confusion, looking for significant answers not believing in our own judgement
Our conclusions do not stand the test of time

Lives guided by a different level of understanding, disavowed with contempt,
changing the orientation, diversity embedded within
Equality does not exist where controversy lays bare its soul
Giving strength and bitterness to dilemma
Alternate states guide the flow of discovery

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Save A Life Today


One voice is powerful…….a chorus of voices are a powerhouse!

I am one lucky dog to be loved, cared for, fed and given shelter. I am lucky, but thousands of dogs and cats are not as lucky as me. There are hundreds of thousands of animals in rescue shelters and adoption centres who need your support.

Do not dimiss this cause because you are not in a position to give a pet a home. There are so many ways that people can help…..and it is not a gift, it is a duty. Animals cannot speak for themselves, but if they could they would ask for the most basic things in life.

To be loved….

You can give your time, you money, your support….but more importantly, you can give your voice. Make people aware, spread the message, get onboard and be the person that you were put on this earth to be.

Already Rescued Jay xxxx



It’s been over 3 years since I posted this…..but a topic still as close to my heart today as back then……..

Dog with Blog

As a rescue dog I consider myself lucky every day to have a loving, caring family and a warm, happy house to call my home. Unfortunately there are literally millions of pets who cannot say the same. I watched a program with Mum about “Puppy Farms” and am still beyond horrified as to the conditions and lack or care that is considered acceptable to bestow on helpless dogs and cats. As “man’s best friend” I cannot see the logic or reasoning behind anyone who buys a pet from an inhumane breeder or location. I would be hopeful that it is widely known that many of these so called “Puppy & Kitten Farms” sell their animals on to breeders and through website and paper advertisements, but it is really no excuse for someone buying a puppy or kitten to ignore what must be so blatantly obvious. There are so many things…

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The Madness of the Food Buyer


Hiss and Boo!!! Mum has changed our food and I am not impressed.

We were having lovely meaty chunks until a week ago when for reasons only known to humans, Mum brought home a big bag of rock hard coloured ‘food’. As Ellie would quite literally eat poo on a stick if Mum fed it to her, she has not batted an eyelid at the change in our dietry sustenance. I on the other hand am slightly more refined and am not so easily hoodwinked by the bone and fish shaped colours that quite frankly taste like bird seed!!

I have tried this morning going on strike and simply staring at my bowl, giving Mum a distainful look and going to sit in my bed whilst Ellie gorges herself. Note to self: do not try again this evening as Mum simply put uneaten food back into bag……..

Starvin’ Marvin Jay xxx


Hope we go on holiday again soon…be too many years xxx

Dog with Blog

I’m back…which is only relevant if you knew I had gone away, which you didn’t becasue even I didn’t know. My fears of a couple of weeks ago about Me and Ellie going to the kennels whilst Mum went away were completely wrong….because she took us with her.  We went “down south” and stayed in a caravan and it was absolutely fabulous. We tooks toys and food and snacks and we did so much stuff I can hardly remember all of it. Ellie got spat on, which was hilarious. We went for a little walk down by a lake and there were loads of swans and geese there. I did warn Ellie about my encounter with these birds that time I went for my solo walk, but she never listens to me. So off she goes down to the edge of the lake and then she sticks her head in and looks…

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I Love My Twitter & Blog Followers


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all who are following me, who take the time to read my blogs and re-tweet my tweets. You have made this dog very happy……woof woof!!!

Jay xxxx