It’s been over 3 years since I posted this…..but a topic still as close to my heart today as back then……..

Dog with Blog

As a rescue dog I consider myself lucky every day to have a loving, caring family and a warm, happy house to call my home. Unfortunately there are literally millions of pets who cannot say the same. I watched a program with Mum about “Puppy Farms” and am still beyond horrified as to the conditions and lack or care that is considered acceptable to bestow on helpless dogs and cats. As “man’s best friend” I cannot see the logic or reasoning behind anyone who buys a pet from an inhumane breeder or location. I would be hopeful that it is widely known that many of these so called “Puppy & Kitten Farms” sell their animals on to breeders and through website and paper advertisements, but it is really no excuse for someone buying a puppy or kitten to ignore what must be so blatantly obvious. There are so many things…

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