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Disney’s Dog with a Blog


I was just casually cruising through Google looking for links to Dog with a Blog (purely for statistical purposes and not because I am vain!!), when I came across quite a few references to my namesake; see The Huffington Post Newspaper for an example.  Imagine my horror that casting has already taken place and yet

“Doth my ears deceive me, or has my phone not rung as of yet!!!”

Have I not proven my ability to act as a canine stunt dog in almost any situation, through my detailed blogs on my agility class antics. I mean obviously, there was the slight hesitation to jump through the swinging tyre…but I can’t see me ever needed to do that in a real life situation…or the need to walk across an A-frame or beam in a calm and controlled manner!  But I was top of the class when it came to standing still and eating the chicken pieces!!!



         Is it not clear to all those that I know that no dog is more handsome,    sophisticated, stylish or destined to be on the silver screen than me?




I can only hope that my wonderful and lovely blog & Twitter followers, who have supported me over the past 4 years can see past the miscasting of the global giant that is Disney…..and still love me for who I am (if you read that last paragraph with some piano or violin music playing in the background, it works best!!)

I Will Survive Jay xxxx