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Yet Another Expenses Scandal

Yet Another Expenses Scandal


UK People's Political Party

Maria Miller It still astounds me that years after the first MP’s expenses scandal involving false and exaggerated expenses being claimed, they are still at it! Maria Miller has today resigned after yet another media witch hunt (whilst I am disgusted at the continuing expenses scandals, I do not believe that the country should be cajoled into actions by the media either!).

Not A Maria Miller Rehash

There are hundreds of newspapers, blogs and online websites weighing in on this story and it is not my intention to join them, because the facts of what did and didn’t happen are already laid bare for all to see and I believe that the British public are sensible and intelligent enough to make up their own minds once presented with the facts.

It is my intention however, to put into writing my utter disbelief that after the very first expenses scandal years ago, procedures…

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