A 3 Page Letter To The World Leaders


This letter has been copied & shared from https://www.facebook.com/FromSourcetoSelf

To Our World Leaders,

I watch you on the news and in your so called ‘debates’; I listen to the words that you speak and the promises that you make, and I smile to Myself.

It is not a happy, joyful smile. It is the kind of smile a parent gives to a child when they are doing something wrong but do not yet understand their actions.

I wonder how you can know so little about your people, your Country, your World and the human race, and yet still be in a position of power; standing on the shoulders of a government who will do anything to stay in their ego-inflating jobs.

You fight; amongst yourselves, with your countrymen, with other leaders, with other nations.
You fight; for more land, for more power, for your people, for freedom.
You fight in the name of; justice, independence, honour, religion, God.

I say you fight for the sake of it. You fight because it is easier to pick up a gun than it is to have an honest conversation. You boast about the courage it takes to lead a nation, but it is a coward who cannot put aside their Ego and do what is right instead of what is easy.

Do you really think that having a bit more land will make you happy? How much is enough?

You speak of how being open and honest is the way forward, but you hide behind a wall of lies and deceit, secret government agencies and underground military operations.

You speak of equality and the right of every human being to be healthy, fed and warm; whilst backing the very system that keeps them sick, hungry and desolate.

You claim to be merely the voice of the people, yet you do not listen to those people when they ask you to put an end to war, violence, hunger or poverty. You are not transparent with how you govern your Country, spend our money or make the laws, because you really listen to the only voice that you think matters – your own.

You speak of ending wars, laying down your weapons, stopping the loss of innocent life, bringing peace to our World – yet you will not do it until somebody else does first! When did this become the way that humans interact? When you were a child, were you not taught to compromise, to give in occasionally? Did you stand in the garden with your siblings or friends refusing to put down the ball until they promised not to touch it?

Do you not understand that it is through fear that you are leading your nations? You are afraid of not having enough, afraid of someone else beating you, afraid of being wrong, afraid of being smaller, afraid of looking stupid. You cannot lead a country this way, because you cannot lead yourself this way!

People disagree. They have always done so and will continue to do so, but this is not a cause for war or hate; it is a cause for celebration because it means that we have free will, it means that each of us are individuals with our own thoughts and opinions.

You can choose what to believe and how to act and your neighbour can choose their beliefs and actions – but neither negates the other.

You will not become less by accepting the differences of other people or nations – you will become so much more. You cannot control other people, you can only control yourself, and how you choose to act in any given situation will define you as a human being.


Do not speak to me of ending wars when you each have that capacity at your very fingertips. Do not treat your public as though they were as naive and ignorant as your governments are. Pick a time, pick a date and stop the fighting, end the wars and destroy your weapons. Put your Ego aside and stop procrastinating about others not destroying their weapons – be the damn LEADER you were elected to be and LEAD!

Do not speak to me of having to protect your nation – it is your nation who are suffering at your very hands.

How can you talk of the atrocity of having sick people in your nation when it is the very government system that you have in place that keeps them that way? It does not matter whether you have a free healthcare system, a private system, an emergency only system or no system at all – every nation supports and profits from the all consuming pharmaceutical companies who charge the earth for chemical infused medications that seek only to mask a symptom and not treat the root cause.

How can you justify a system where emergency rooms are used by the masses because they cannot afford to be treated by a doctor? A system where GP’s choose the medication based on price instead of benefit!

Do not speak to me of ending poverty when there is more money on the planet than we could ever need. It is your government and misguided laws and taxes that keep the poor in poverty, whilst the select few drown in their own wealth.

Do not speak to me of protecting our environment and resources when it is the people you lead who are raping and pillaging the Earth of her ability to sustain life. There are enough renewable and man-made resources for all if you would only choose to work together. Why do you all allow the power hungry to be given free reign and hold our World’s resources hostage – given in limited amounts to those who pay the highest or grovel the most. You allow our rainforests to be destroyed in inconceivable volumes because you allow your nations to believe that resources are limited and there is not enough for all.

Through the fear of lack, you keep your power!

Do not speak to me of ending hunger when more food is thrown away each day across the globe than could feed every starving person on the planet. Whilst people walk through food packed supermarkets, picking and choosing at will, others haven’t eaten for weeks. How can you justify stockpiling food to give the few a choice, whilst your own people are dying of starvation in the slums that you do everything to avoid thinking about?

You are a World Leader and yet you do not lead! You have lost your way and have become part of a society who murders and persecutes the real leaders among us. You do not understand how they could be so selfless and giving, honest and open, trusting and trustworthy – so you condemn then as radicals and then raise them up as Gods once you have destroyed them.

Why do you all insist on separation and building your own sandcastles bigger and better than anyone else’s? Can you not see that together, you can lead our World towards true peace and prosperity. A World where the basic needs of all are met and competition makes way for cooperation; where the needs of others out-ways the wants of one.

The true mark of a leader can be seen in the people, group, community or nation that they lead. If your country is at war, if you have people who are starving, people living in poverty or people who feel persecuted, then you are not a leader!

Do not read this and assume that this message is only for those leaders in nations which are currently war-torn or plagued by poverty. Each of you has war, violence, poverty, sickness, starvation and persecution in your nation, because there is not a nation on Earth without it. Reduction of these things is NOT a solution, you must eradicate them, for even when one person suffers, so do we all!

I dare you to stand on your own two feet and put aside your Ego and childish games. Speak from your heart and follow through on your promises. Act for your people and because of them, not in-spite of them. Listen to all opinions but do not judge or choose. Teach respect and lead by example – do not quote what is wrong with the World, instead seek to put it right.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, but you can please most of the people most of the time – this is your way, this is your path.

You chose to follow the path of a leader long before you ever made the choice – but it was not with the intention of hiding behind the backs of those who would seek to do your nation harm or to crawl on all fours under the thumb of the rich and powerful who are too afraid to share their wealth in-case they lose their smokescreen of power.

A true leader does not need a fanfare or a pedestal on which to sit. A true leader leaves the World in a better state than they found it and you should seek to be remembered positively in the hearts of a nation after you have departed this World, instead of seeking to make the front pages each day or to drive a bigger car or live in a bigger house.

Seek to inflate your soul instead of your Ego and you will be remembered as a great leader. Be the person you were born to be and not the human you have been oppressed into becoming – stand up for your people, your nation, your world!

One response »

    ” Teach respect and lead by example – do not quote what is wrong with the World, instead seek to put it right.”
    Agree to disagree – and stil be friends. Think differently and allow others their own thoughts and beliefs too.
    Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    For some reason these concepts seem to be difficult for humans to understand and live by.
    It’s even more difficult when one side tries – and is willing to walk halfway, but the other won’t.
    But one must hope – and try to walk in a better more positive direction. And be a true leader
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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