I’m a 6 year old tri-coloured Border Collie and a dog with a blog. “Not another human writing as their dog”, I hear you cry…… fear not, I am a dog with a difference. I have hundreds of followers, fans and friends through my blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts and basically I love to write.

I live with my owner (Mum) and my house-mate Ellie (McSmelly) who tells anyone that will listen that she is also a Border Collie (Mum and I ignore the fact that the part Tasmanian Devil in her is definitely not a Collie trait).)

I am a working dog who does not work, this is not because I am unemployed, nor am I between jobs; I blog….it is what I do, not who I am!!!!

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back to visit us again…

Jay Dog With Blog

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  1. I loved your story of your day out!!! I too am a border collie. My mom found you through Twitter. My mom says that you are a good looking dog. Keep writing your blogs!

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